About the Children's Advocacy Center


What is the Children’s Advocacy Center?

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union Counties, Inc. (“CAC”) opened in 1996 as a nonprofit organization to provide services to children who have been sexually abused and/or severely physically abused.  Our mission is to heal and give voice to abused children through assessment, treatment, education, and community partnerships.

What communities does the CAC serve?

The CAC serves children in the Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union Counties. It is the only resource specifically for abused children in any of the three counties.

Where is the CAC located?

The CAC is located in a renovated historic house in downtown Spartanburg. The house is filled with bright welcoming colors and has a child-friendly environment. Every interview and therapy room is filled with age-appropriate toys for the children to use for play therapy.